Advisory Board

Hire Divers has an Advisory Board who help provide guidance to the Association:


Mark R. McNulty


Hire Divers Association, Founder & CEO

Our mission is to help the public who can't afford to hire divers after Water-related Disasters or who are victims of Personal loss.

Formed by three Volunteer Recovery Divers, we were created after Hurricane Sandy because of the great need to help people who couldn't find divers to help them recover their personal items off the New Jersey coast. In addition to Underwater Recovery, we have grown to provide Pollution Cleanup services and educational programs to schools regarding the importance of water safety. Hire Divers Association is a Federally Approved Volunteer nonprofit Disaster Recovery


Kelly L. Gates

Managing Director



Charles Brumlik

J.D., PH.D.


Charles Brumlik advises multinational corporations, investors, startups, and governments on technology assessment and commercialization.

As founder and managing director of Nanobiz LLC and chair of the American Chemical Society’s Chemical Marketing & Economics Group, Dr. Brumlik is focused on commercialization, due diligence, and technology sourcing in chemicals, materials, sensors, and electronics. As a business attorney, he advises international technology companies, startups, and venture capital groups. At ExxonMobil, Honeywell, and a Princeton law firm, he specialized in transactional and patent issues in chemistry and materials science commercialization for corporations, academia, and governments.

In his work with the Hire Divers Association, Charles focuses on underwater sensor networks, aquatic invasive species (AIS), data analytics, and AIS management. His hobby is freshwater planted aquariums

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